Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Ford Mustang GT500 Eleanor HD Wallpapers

Ford Mustang GT500 Eleanor Wallpapers pack HD [14 .jpg files].  

2013 Ford Mustang GT, Boss 302 & Shelby GT500

A short video review of Ford Mustang GT (420HP), Boss 302 and Shelby GT500 (650HP!).

Front Bumper Removal Manual

This manual shows how to remove 2005 Mustang front bumer correctly without breaking or forcing anything.

Why Ford’s revival of the Vignale model is similar to modern casino slots

To win at slot machines in the 60s, players need to match three, similar symbols on a straight reel. Compared to the more modern slots, playing them tend to be repetitive and lacked features that will identify a machine from the others. Today, slot machines are jam-packed with different features aside from its usual game [...]

3000 HP Monster – Ford Mustang

When the first car with more than 1000 HP was presented (Bugatti Veyron), everyone was amazed. So much power in one car is just paranormal. However, it is not a limit for modified cars.

2013 Ford Mustang GT500 – faster than ever

The brand new Ford Mustang GT500 with 662 HP 5.8 L Supercharged engine. It is enough to reach 196.1 MPH top speed.

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