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3000 HP Monster – Ford Mustang

Posted by admin On July - 8 - 2012

When the first car with more than 1000 HP was presented (Bugatti Veyron), everyone was amazed. So much power in one car is just paranormal. However, it is not a limit for modified cars.

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REBELLION 2010 Mustang GT

Posted by admin On November - 23 - 2009

REBELLION 2010 Mustang GT 03

Features Include:
* Street Scene – Body Kit
* Paxton – High Output Prototype Supercharger with Air to Water Cooler
* Stainless Steel Brakes – Big Bite Extreme Brakes Kits
* Eibach – Pro Lowering Kit and Anti Roll Kit
* Shelby Performance Parts – Rear Racing Suspension Package
* Drake Auto Group – Billet Trim, and Billet Dress Up Accessories
* APR – Carbon Fiber Mirrors and Engine Covers
* Lloyd Mats – GT Floor Mats
* Trufiber – Venom Hood
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Ford Mustang Premium

Posted by admin On November - 23 - 2009
GP TUNING Ford Mustang Premium 02

You could spend years trying to modify your Ford Mustang to fit your personality. This project was developed on a Premium Mustang version and won’t stand out with a lot of innovations but it’s surely an attractive car. It’s up to you to decide if this car looks really nice and we will reveal some modifications made to it. The car received 20″ rims, KW suspension system and it was also lowered to the ground to gain in handling and stability. The 4.6L engine received an upgrade to the engine cooling unit and a KN sport air filter to receive a small power boost. The elements that were inserted in the car’s interior won’t change the initial shape of this Mustang and the audio system from the trunk has a lot of watt power for everyone.

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