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Subaru BRZ vs Ford Mustang V6

Posted by admin On July - 9 - 2012


Ford Mustang V6 and Subaru BRZ – which is better? Couple of guys tried to find out which car is faster in different racing types.

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First Ride: 2011 Ford Mustang V-6

Posted by admin On May - 9 - 2010
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V6 Shelby Terlingua Mustang

Posted by admin On February - 20 - 2009

Watch as the guys from Garage419 review the brand new Shelby Terlingua Mustang sporting a Vortec supercharger running about six pounds of boost, producing 375 HP with a V6. This guy has driven every model in the 2008 Shelby Mustang lineup including the GT. GT500, GT500KR and SuperSnake and claims that the 6 Shelby Terlingua Mustang is “by far the most stable car and best handling car” due to the improved weight distribution resulting from the lighter engine. Worth watching!

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