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Ford Mustang Commercials

Posted by admin On November - 30 - 2009

Several Ford Mustang Commercials

Ford Mustang “Father and Son”

Ford Mustang commercial featuring a father, a son, and a funny ending. Part of Ford’s new “Bold Moves” campaign.

Hilarious Ford Mustang Commercial

This video shows two cops arrest one guy and are racing his car

Ford mustang GT Convertible commercial

GT500 Mustang Commercial “Germany”

A Video of the GT500 Mustang named “Germany” from Ford Motor Company’s Bold Moves ad campaign.

Mustang “Dreamer” commercial

Mustang 2010 Commercial A New Girl 100808

2005 Ford Mustang Commercial

A 2004 commercial for a Ford Mustang that aired during American Dreams Season 3– featuring a young serviceman coming home from war, whose father gives him a car.

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